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QSFP-DD 4x 100G FR1 optical transceiver  Parallel SMF MPO-12 Angled Connector (APC)

QSFP-DD 4x 100G FR1 optical transceiver Parallel SMF MPO-12 Angled Connector (APC)

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Product Description

400GBASE-DR4 QSFP-DD transceiver, up to 2km over parallel single mode fiber (SMF). The 400G-xDR4 can break out to 4 x 100G, and interop with 4 x 100G-FR QSFPs. Parallel SMF MPO-12 Angled Connector (APC)


  • QSFP-DD MSA compliant
  • Parallel 4 Optical Lanes
  • Breakout Mode
    • o   4x 100GBASE-FR1 compliant 53.125GBd PAM4
    • o   100GAUI-2 compliant 2x 26.5625 GBd PAM4
  • Aggregation Mode
    • o   400 Gb/s Ethernet Protocol 4x 53.125GBd PAM4
    • o   400GAUI-8 compliant 8x 26.5625 GBd PAM4
  • QSFP-DD MSA compliant
  • MPO-12 connector with 8° angled end-face
  • Power consumption <12 W
  • Operating case temperature 0 to 70 ºC
  • CMIS 4.0 management interface
  • Up to 2km transmission on single mode fiber (SMF)
  • RoHS compliant


A cost optimized solution for up to 2km. Customers can use it for 400G to 400G connectivity as well as breakout 400G to 4x100G connectivity. Breakout option is often used for Leaf to ToR, in conjunction with 100G FR1 (100G FR1 is a new QSFP28 optics module used to plug into legacy 100G switches with NRZ electrical signals).


EN-QDD-LR4 Connectivity

The 400G-DR4 / XDR4 / PLR4 modules use a single row, angled (APC) MPO12 connector for use with parallel single mode fiber. Although a MPO12 cable can have up to 12 SMF fibers, only 8 out of the 12 fibers are used (4 for Tx and 4 for Rx). This is the same connector that is used on existing 100G and 40G QSFPs that use parallel SMF (e.g. 100G-PSM4, 40GPLR4 etc). An image, and drawing of an MPO12 connector are shown below.



Cabling required

EN-MTP8F-SM-FF-xxM is singlemode patch cable required for direct connectivity between QDD-XDR4.





EN-MTP4LCxxSM is a Singlemode MTP to 4 Duplex LC breakout cable is required to connect to 4 x QSFP-100G-FRs (EN-QSFP28-FR1) to a single OSFP-400G-DR4 (or EN-QDD-XDR4).



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