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Layer 1 Cross-Connect

Wire Once and Never Re-Cable with Pluribus VirtualWire Solution

A significant amount of lab testing time is spent planning and re-cabling the Layer 1 physical topology before any testing even occurs.  Plus, the process of monitoring the health of your infrastructure and troubleshooting connectivity issues can be cumbersome. Not to mention expensive lab equipment like signal generators can be underutilized, and lab setup can be prone to human error.

With Pluribus VirtualWire, you can quickly build new topologies in software in a matter of minutes with visibility and troubleshooting built-in, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional Layer 1 matrix switches.

Here is the BOM list required:

  1. 5712-54X-O-AC-F-US Edgecore AS5712-54X 48-Port 10GbE SFP+ Switch compatible with Pluribus Netvisor® OS (ONVL) 
  2. ONVL-10G-VW+-LIC Pluribus VirtualWire Plus Software License for 1/10G Whitebox. Includes VirtualWIre and Fabric capabilities. One required per switch. Perpetual License. Support not included.
  3. SVC-ONVL-10G-VW+-3YR Pluribus Netvisor ONE on Whitebox 24/5 Software Support for Netvisor and VirtualWire (ONVL-100GVWPLUS- LIC). 3 Years. Excludes third-party HW replacements.
  4. EN-SFP10G-SR SFP+ 10GBASE-SR MMF, 850nm, 300m
  5. EN-QSFP40G-SR4 Generic Coding 40G 300nm 10km DDM