5G Cell Site

Cost effective Cell Site Gateway Router Fully Populated with our 10G/25G/100G Network Optics 

Mobile operators are rapidly building new capacity to respond to demands for new services and subscribers with existing 3G and 4G infrastructures, while planning for the introduction of 5G services. Open network solutions are ideal for this high volume cell site and cell site aggregation infrastructure, as the use of disaggregated, open hardware and software reduces operator costs, increases choice and quickens the pace of innovation.

Why New Cell Site Gateway Router?

  1. Exponential Data Traffic Growth
    • Increased internet adoption, faster broadband, next generation wireless networks, the Internet of Things, and increased live streaming of online videos are expected to drive exponential traffic growth
    • The old hardware model simply can’t keep up
  2. 5G Deployment
    • Stringent demands of 5G on speed, bandwidth and performance with low latency
    • 5G mobile technology can send massive amounts of data with low latency, little downtime in between
    • Changing needs of backhaul transport requirements as mobile service providers make the transition from legacy technologies toward 5G RAN technologies

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