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Open Source NOS SONiC

SONiC Software for Open Networking in the Cloud

Microsoft’s SONiC is a Linux-based open source network operating system that runs on ASICs and switches from multiple vendors. It addresses the requirements of data centers and cloud-service providers for flexibility, management, and accelerated evolution of the ecosystem. SONiC offers a wide spectrum of network functions and enables the user to control all employed devices and define their tasks. This open source toolkit decouples hardware and software to overcome the limitations of network devices.

Supported Devices and Platforms[]=1871

S.No Vendor Platform ASIC Vendor Switch ASIC Port Configuration Image
1 Accton Edgecore AS4630-54PE Broadcom Helix 5 48x1G + 4x25G + 2x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
2 Accton Edgecore AS5712-54X Broadcom Trident 2 72x10G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
3 Accton Edgecore AS5812-54X Broadcom Trident 2 72x10G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
4 Accton Edgecore AS5835-54T Broadcom Trident 3 48x10G + 6x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
5 Accton Edgecore AS5835-54X Broadcom Trident 3 48x10G + 6x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
6 Accton Edgecore AS6712-32X Broadcom Trident 2 32x40G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
7 Accton Edgecore AS7116-54X Nephos Taurus 48x25G + 6x100G SONiC-ONIE-Nephos
8 Accton Edgecore AS7312-54X Broadcom Tomahawk 48x25G + 6x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
9 Accton Edgecore AS7312-54XS Broadcom Tomahawk 48x25G + 6x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
10 Accton Edgecore AS7315-27XB Broadcom Qumran 20x10G + 4x25G + 3x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
11 Accton Edgecore AS7326-56X Broadcom Trident 3 48x25G + 8x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
12 Accton Edgecore AS7512-32X Cavium XPliantCNX880** 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Cavium
13 Accton Edgecore AS7712-32X Broadcom Tomahawk 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
14 Accton Edgecore AS7716-32X Broadcom Tomahawk 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
15 Accton Edgecore AS7716-32XB Broadcom Tomahawk 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
16 Accton Edgecore AS7726-32X Broadcom Trident 3 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
17 Accton Edgecore AS7816-64X Broadcom Tomahawk 2 64x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
18 Accton Edgecore AS9716-32D Broadcom Tomahawk 3 32x400G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
19 Accton Edgecore Minipack Broadcom Tomahawk 3 128x100G  
21 Celestica DX010 Broadcom Tomahawk 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
22 Celestica E1031 Broadcom Helix4 48x1G + 4x10G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
24 Celestica Silverstone Broadcom Tomahawk 3 32x400G  
25 Delta AG5648 Broadcom Tomahawk 48x25G + 6x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
26 Delta AG6248C Broadcom Helix 4 48x1G + 2x10G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
27 Delta AG9032V1 Broadcom Tomahawk 32x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
28 Delta AG9032V2 Broadcom Trident 3 32x100G + 1x10G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
29 Delta AG9064 Broadcom Tomahawk 2 64x100G SONiC-ONIE-Broadcom
30 Delta et-c032if Innovium Teralynx 7 32x400G SONiC-ONIE-Innovium
31 Delta ET-6448M Marvell Prestera 98DX3255 48xGE + 4x10G SONiC-ONIE-Marvell

SONiC + Open Network Linux: Ansible Based Network Automation and Visibility


SONiC + Open Network Linux: Controller Based Zero-Touch Provisioning and Visibility

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