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Disaggregated Packet Broker

What is a Network Packet Broker?

A network packet broker (NPB) is a network device with copper and/or fiber interfaces that directs network traffic from switch SPAN ports and/or Network TAPs between two connected routers and/or switches and then manipulates that traffic to allow the more efficient use of network security and performance tools, both inline and passive.

What is a Disaggregated Open Packet Broker?

Much like the switches and routers from which they collect traffic, network packet brokers have traditionally been locked-in systems. However, the networking industry is evolving, and the network packet broker industry is, too. The new Disaggregated Open Packet Brokers are intended to accelerate the deployment of management, monitoring, and security tools, eliminate blind spots in conventional architectures, and provide high-scale, multi-speed support, a comprehensive feature set, and a competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).

E.C.I. Networks offers disaggregated and open network packet broker NOS that can run on off-the-shelf, open network hardware, which offers you flexibility and affordability.


Key Benefits

  • Seamless Migration:
    • Facilitates a smooth transition to open networks, enhancing efficiency and drastically reducing CAPEX/OPEX costs.
  • Enhanced Flexibility:
    • DPB architecture decouples hardware and software, empowering independent component choices and upgrades, including crucial elements like power supplies and FANs.
  • Open and OCP Compliant Hardware:
    • Built on open hardware principles and adhering to OCP standards, DPBs simplify installation and offer diverse software options.
  • Containerization with SONiC:
    • Supports containerization for flexible application deployment, seamlessly integrating with SONiC for efficient network management.
  • Multipurpose Open Hardware:
    • Goes beyond packet broker functions, serving as versatile open hardware, including applications as Data Center switches, reducing sparing inventory, optimizing resource allocation, and lowering costs.                                  




Key Features 

  • First to Market with 64 ports 100G/400G Packet Broker 
  • Open Hardware based.
  • Container on Open-Source NOS SONiC
  • Traffic Aggregation, Packet replication
  • Flow-aware load balancing
  • Filtering: Supporting multiple filters simultaneously
  • Source port labeling (VLAN tagging & untagging)
  • Support of IPv4 and IPv6
  • Realtime Port/Packet statistics, SNMP Alerts
  • SONiC CLI, Web UI, ISCLI, and Rest-API-based provisioning models
  • Supporting the functionality for multiple port speeds up to 400G
  • Port Breakout: 40G to 4x10G, 100G to 4x25G, etc.
  • AC & DC PSU options
  • Airflow options 










  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • User-friendly, Web-based user interface
  • SDN Controller Visibility Fabric; available for large deployment
  • REST API for 3rd party integration and support


Ordering options


  • Kits (HW+SW)
    • Bundles available.
    • AC & DC PSU options
    • Airflow options
    • Perpetual license
    • Maintenance & Support are optional
  • Software Only
    • Subscription license
    • M&S included
    • Choose your own hardware
    • HCL Hardware Certified list available





To learn more about our Disaggregated Packet Broker Solution: DOWNLOAD Datasheet.

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