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Disaggregated 10G PON OLT

vOLT Architecture
Up to this point only GPON has been discussed, however the general solution for vOLTs has been defined to support a 10 Gb/s PON service. This is in-line with keeping up with bandwidth demand as network speed continues to soar ever higher. The base design for the vOLT defines an underlying Open Network Linux (ONL) platform. A passive optical network (PON) system that operates at a nominal line rate of 10 Gb/s downstream and upstream supporting either XGS-PON or NG-PON protocol suites as defined by ITU. Because of this, the design of vOLT equips it with XFP (10G SFP transceiver capable) ports that provide the aggregation for PON terminal units. Upstream egress ports that support QSFP28 transceivers capable of either 40 or 100 Gb/s are also specified.