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Data Centers

We offer bundled Open Networking Solutions for Data Center, ISP, and Enterprise


Open Networking Solution are based on open standard, bare-metal hardware with a choice of independent open software for NOS (Network Operating Systems), SDN, virtualization, and cloud orchestration. For years, hyper-scale data center operators have been enjoying the benefits of Open Networking Solution: reduced network equipment expenses, automated and accelerated provisioning of network capacity and services, greater control over the development of enhanced network services, flexibility to work with best-in-class suppliers, and reduced operating expenses.

These Open Networking benefits are now available for many more networking use cases.  Public and private cloud data centers of all sizes are being deployed with network fabric built from open leaf and spine switches. Edgecore Networks offers choices of hardware to meet open network deployment, from 1G, 10G, 25G and 40G, to 100G.

Leaf and Spine Topology for Data Center or CORD

  1. Leaf and spine architecture scales form few racks with L2 fabric to thousands of racks with L3 fabric.
  2. Edgecore open switches provide choice of 1G, 10G or 25G server connections; and 10G, 40G,and 100G spine network.
  3. Folded CLOS fabric provides network underlay supporting SDN, virtualization and cloud orchestration software options.