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Power over Ethernet

Our PoEstack series - Cost-Effective Family of PoE devices

Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors/midspans and switches offer industry-leading solutions for any PoE application. This complete portfolio of PoE systems enables delivery of up to 90W of flexible and reliable power over the Ethernet network to WLAN access points, network cameras, IP telephones, IP cameras and other IP-based devices. Our vendor-agnostic solutions support a wide range of applications in a variety of indoor, outdoor and industrial environments.

Key Benefits of Our PoE Systems

  • Wide variety of PoE Media Converters, PoE Extenders, Repeaters, Injectors/Splitters and PoE Switches are available in a wide variety of port configurations, PoE power levels, management options, and temperature ranges.
  • wide variety of PoE network switches, including those that support PoE, PoE+, UPoE, and 4PPoE/PoE++
  • include long range PoE+ switches, full power PoE+ switches, and a PoE+ powered switch.
  • Supports 1, 2, 4 or 8 PoE RJ-45 Ports
  • Features fixed-fiber connectors or SFP transceivers with 1 or 2 Uplink Ports
  • Supports PoE (15.4W), PoE+ (30W), HPoE (60W) and IEEE 802.3bt (60W and 100W)
  • Managed and Unmanaged
  • Full feature models and low-cost models
  • Available in AC or DC models