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InfiniBand Networking

E.C.I. NETWORKS InfiniBand Solutions Exceed NVIDIA/Mellanox Standards

 Our InfiniBand intelligent interconnect products not only meet but exceed the original technical requirements of NVIDIA/Mellanox. With superior throughput and minimal latency, our solutions optimize system performance.

Moreover, E.C.I. NETWORKS ensures energy efficiency, providing InfiniBand optics with as low as 4.5W power consumption compared to the typical 6W in third-party options. Our cables excel in low latency, low power consumption, ultra-low BER, and high performance, seamlessly integrating with NVIDIA/Mellanox switches and NIC products for efficient transmission in demanding supercomputers and hyperscale systems.

Our products undergo rigorous testing at the E.C.I. NETWORKS Test Center, mirroring the exact environment of NVIDIA/Mellanox InfiniBand NDR/HDR/EDR switches and NICs. This guarantees 100% compatibility, assuring customers of optimal performance in real-world scenarios.

 800G/400G NDR OSFP Transceivers compatible and equivalent to

  • MMA4Z00-NS 2xSR4 OSFP
  • MMA4Z00-NS400 SR4 OSFP

800G NDR OSFP DAC and Breakout DAC Twinax cables compatible and equivalent to

  • MCP4Y10-N00A
  • MCP4Y10-N001
  • MCP4Y10-N01A
  • MCP4Y10-N002

Breakout 800G NDR DACs

  • MCP7Y00-N001
  • MCP7Y00-N01A
  • MCP7Y00-N002
  • MCP7Y50-N001
  • MCP7Y50-N01A
  • MCP7Y50-N002

400G HDR OSFP AOC Breakout Splitter Y- AOC cables

  • MFA7U10-H003
  • MFA7U10-H005
  • MFA7U10-H010
  • MFA7U10-H020
  • MFA7U10-H030