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Edgecore Wedge100BF: How to use the external BIOS to burn/recover the main BIOS ?

2020 Mar 2nd

I. Switch to the external BIOS.Use the external BIOS flash chip to boot [email protected]:~# source /usr/local/bin/[email protected]:~# gpio_set BRG_COM_BIOS_DIS0_N [email protected]:~# gpio_set BRG_COM_BIOS_DIS1_N 0Make sure the external BIOS connects to COMe instead of [email protected]:~# gpio_set COM6_BUF_EN [email protected]:~# gpio_set COM_SPI_SEL 0Reset the COMe [email protected]:~# reset;sol.shPower reset microserver ... DoneYou are in SOL session.Use ctrl-x to quit.-----------------------[No
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How to install Cisco iOS-XR on Edgecore 7816?

Posted by admin on 2019 Sep 23rd

Let’s begin by setting up a DHCP server to respond with a default-url option and a web server with the ONIE-compatible NOS installer for IOS-XR.The relevant ISC-DHCP server config snippet is shown below: host AS7816-64X { hardware ethernet a8:2b:b5:87:9f:f4; fixed-address; next-server; option default-url = ""; if exists user-class and option user-class = "exr-config" { filename = "http://172.30
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